We are a brand new site specifically for Physician Associates in GP

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We would like to welcome you to your brand new job site!

As an introductory welcome we are offering free posting of 'quick jobs' and 75% off standard job posting using promo code HEESEPT 

We are hoping to create a space for practices to recruit Physician Associates looking to work specifically in General Practice, whether that's newly qualified, experienced, Lead Physician Associate or a speciality Physician Associate to work in geriatrics, mental health or care homes. 

As the site is brand-spanking new we need to know what content and resources you want to see here, so please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts by emailing us. 

The site is hassle free, inexpensive and easy to use, applications are made by CV without cumbersome form filling, tick boxing, document uploading, policy agreeing kerfuffle of some healthcare job sites.

We are Physician Associate specialists, we can help you if you need a little support or guidance in creating your perfect advert. We will do all of the work behind the scenes so your job is seen by PA's across the web and social media.

So, start posting your jobs now and happy recruiting!

Your-Path team





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